Without adaptation,


Fighting the moon,


Staring the moon, i don't know what to say.

"1,2,3...53,54", finnally i stop it.

during the time, it was like fighting.

This is the 6st day in Bangkok, Thailand.

Not yet adapt the life at here, but i'm already

fall in love the air...

Struggle on the roof,


The shabby maket, the beautiful mountain,

the... i was with my family, in order to record

the video, i came to the roof in the morning.

To be alone...

I'm tried, helpless,


It is 04:22am,

it's seems like i'm adapt this life,

go to sleep in the morning, wake up

in the afternoon, and go to work...

The mediocrity and the desire,


To be truth, i'm disappointed with myself,

i can't make a choice between art and money,

this moment i am a chinese art student in france,

but...very confused

Where is the camera,


i'm art student in beaux-art de angers.

i love chinese literature. Duo xie.

Crazy experience in Germany,


The soul of JEAN,


Such a long day today,

Hornell, New York

I' m a french in my way of travel,

i was alone in a farm in South America,

i was staring the fire,

and spoke, spoke...

Amostly, i'm finsh my study in USA,

i will come back to china soon!

the biggest happiness is to eat dishes

from my mom, and hang out with friends!

I was in a party of group sex, the most funny moment was a guy (who was be neglect) did masturbation to himself when he watch others making sex.

B O O M ,


I don't need u,


My happy place,


I have found a home and it makes me happy.

midway through the video silence breaks through

and i apologize, feel vulnerable and self-conscious,

and i pinpoint the hurt, but quickly decide it's too

touchy of a subject and therefore return to what

i start talking about...

Sometimes i just want to be a fish,

with a music like this...


It is a gift they send me, the meaning of this cup

is "Good for you to find your lover", but i hate it,

i don't understand why the people are stupid to put

their wish to a boring object. i need sth useful!

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