If u want to join me! Just make a video as soon as u can, and send me, if ur video is interesting, i will show it in this crazy space!


And u need:

1.stay alone


2.use ur phone or camera to record ur voice (at least 1 min), any voice , just need from ur thrat! Don't ask me "what should i say", there are no reauire about the content!

u can speak normal things, u can speak sth no logic (but remember, speak ur local dialect), or u can just make some noise!


3.about the image in the video, just not ur face in front of the camera like u r taking the pic for ur ID card, here just need something interesting, the image can be anything! Let's

find your imagination! It is not a dating agency!


4.when u finish ur video, please send me email: liuxiaoerliuxiaoer@hotmail.com, u need write short main idea about what u said or ur thinking. and the name of ur city.  please keep the original name of ur video:

for ex, MOV.4281, mp4.0517, MVI0009...



here is a really cool space, u need have ur view of life, don't hesitate to create that by urself! Because u just need TO BE YOURSELF!


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