Welcome to speak to yourself!


It is a space of collecting videos from different people,

There have different culture, different language, dirfferent view, at the same moment,

it is a exhibition development.

Try to image a world, everybody stay alone in their space and speak to themselves,

that's so crazy! I try to collect more and more videos, in order to create this world.


U NEED TO TRY : In the life, sometimes, there are some moments we speak to ourself,

but, did u feel if it is difficult for u to take a video face to yourself without shy? or there r some friends don't like to watch themselves or to listen their voice in a video? If u are like this, why not to try it? maybe u will found something give u energy, A challenge to face to urself, to feel the different feeling during the moment u take the video, and listen urself. In fact that is the feeling that is i always had...anyway, just do it! come on!


The reason of  collecting: At first, it is really interesting for me to collect videos from different kind of people in order to see their piece of life; The second, i want to try a new way to make project---contact people, to understand more of people and myself, The third is to make let more and more people think about themselves by watching videos from others life. Maybe there wil be a chemical reaction when u start ur video.


The meanning of my project: The life is like a mosaic! we cannot recoginez it exactly, but at the same moment, it is clear to see"a lot of small square in the huge mosaic". Each video from yourlife is a pixel, and the new world in this website is the big mosaic, including a lot of pixel from the life of human.

Human r small in the world, we open our eyes to watch the pieces of life about some one else, and  thinkover about ourselve. In each video, people speak alone, the speaker in the video and the audience can have new communication in front of screen, And all of the world is making a big noise! The mosaic sound!



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